We need your help. Interfaith Vigil International Day Against Homophobia & Transphobia

Dear brothers and sisters, Progetto Gionata is preparing a toolkit for the organization of the vigil against homophobia on 17 May.
This instrument will provide suggested guidelines in order to ignite a sense of unity and of spiritual communion among all the LGBT christian groups.
In particular, there will be emphasis on prayers, testimonies, and some rituals which could be read and repeated everywhere.

The toolkit will be in English and will need to be translated into the local language.
For this purpose, we need your help to provide us with short texts including testimonies of homophobic and transphobic episodes in your life and on how your religious belief may have played a role, positively or negatively, in your life. Have you been victim by a church or a religious context?

Or was your faith, or your community, or the church helpful to you? We would like to offer an array of experiences balancing equal gender presence, stories of discriminations, hate and violence and also stories of hope, reconciliation and overcome.
Testimonies from extra-European countries are particularly welcome, but Europeans must not feel discouraged to send us their letters. We are looking forward to your replies,

The Gionata Project volunteers