Vigils IDAHOT 2022. Us choose the Bible verse

It’s time once again to vote for the Bible verse that will be used at vigils and services all over Europe this year, as we pray for an end to homophobia, biphobia, transphobia (IDAHOT) and all other forms of discrimination.
Follow this link, choose a language (Italian, Spanish or English), ‘like’ the verse you prefer, and press ‘enter’ to confirm your choice.
Help us to give hope a voice. Vote by Saturday 27 March 2022 to build communities that “stretch the tent curtains wide” (Isaiah 54) making room for everyone. Spread the word to your neighbours… #tendadiGionata

Bible verse that will unite ALL the ecumenical vigils and Sunday services on the occasion of May 17 – International Day Against Homobitransphobia – lead by @gionatanews