“As a mother to a transitioning child, please pray with us”

“As a mother to a transitioning child, please pray with us”. These are words written by Elena, from the Project TRANSizioni Italy (“TRANSitions”), whose child is transitioning.

The vigils against homophobic, biphobic and transphobic violence should not even exist. The Church should have a more evangelical Spirit and society should be more understanding. Everything that makes us unique (as it is in God’s plan) is beautiful and enriching.

Our 14-year-old commented with simple and direct words: “Why would you be surprised if LGBTQ+ people were invited to the washing of the feet on Maundy Thursday, or if the youth worker or Sunday school teacher was trans? Jesus would have welcomed them.

Actually, Jesus would have looked out for LGBT people, believers or non-believers, to love them, and he would have called them by their name, whichever name they feel they are. Instead, we have to cope with people who mock our children, people who don’t understand, and so on, causing pain and suffering.

They’re worse off, they have a limited vision of how many colours are in the world” our angry child said.

Our task, we believe, is to pray that Jesus may make people aware, and give them and us new ways of seeing the beauty of life, and the new world that we have to build.

Since 2007, we commemorate IDAHOBIT, the International Day against Homo, Bi and Transphobia, on 17 May. All over the world, Christian LGBT communities remember the victims of homo-, bi- and transphobia, and pray to foster a positive role for church communities within a more inclusive society.

Does it still make sense to pray today? What do you think about it? Let us know at gionatanews@gmail.com. Let’s pray, because ‘Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom‘ (2 Cor 3,17).

Prayer vigils will be held with the support of:  Christian association La Tenda di Gionata (Italy), the Faith, Gender and Sexuality Commission of the Baptist, Methodist and Waldensian churches (Italy), the Global Network of Rainbow Catholics, the European Forum of LGBT Christian GroupGay Christian Africa and the English ecumenical association OneBodyOneFaith.

For more information on the prayer vigils and other events for overcoming the violence of homophobia, transphobia and biphobia click here:  https://inveglia.wordpress.com/tag/english/ or https://www.gionata.org/category/in-veglia/.

Will you join us? More information email at gionatanews@gmail.com

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