La veglia e il vegliare

Riflessioni del gruppo Emmanuele di Padova
La veglia e il vegliare sono atteggiamenti cristiani che risalgono alle origini delle chiese e affondano le loro stesse radici nell’esperienza stessa di Cristo e nelle pagine dell’antico testamento.
Nella notte si compiono le grandi meraviglie di Dio. Dal buio e dal caos parte la «costruzione» del creato che leggiamo nelle pagine della Genesi (Gn 1,2); al tramonto del sole Dio stabilisce la sua alleanza con Abramo (Gn 15,17s); in una notte santa avviene una delle esperienze mistiche più alte tra il patriarca Giacobbe e Dio che si conclude allo spuntare dell’alba (Gn 32,23-33); sempre di notte il popolo eletto celebra la sua pasqua ed esce dalla schiavitù, «una notte di veglia fu quella per il Signore» (Es 12, 37-42). Continua a leggere


The appeal. Together for a global ecumenical prayer against Homophobia & Transphobia

The International IDAHO Committee (International Day against Homophobia and Transphobia) has welcome the call launched by Progetto Gionata and by the European Forum of LGBT Christian Groups to all good will believers to join in the global inter-faith iniative of prayer and remembrance which will take place on 17 May 2014 to mark IDAHOT.

The IDAHO Committee has commented that “this will be theinitiative 8th annual edition-started in Florence in 2007- which, in just a few years, has blossomed into a truly international demonstration of solidarity, and has become a key feature of the global May 17th commemorations.”
An initiative where “People of faith from all different religions, spiritualities and denominations are welcomed to join the call, by holding vigils or other services, joining in prayer or other ritual observance.”

The appeal has been launched once again from Italy. If this year we will succeed once again in convening prayer meetings in our cities within our small or big group of people, it will be a remarkably important result.
We will try to make known that the Church does not reject the Christian homosexual persons from our cities. This sign of hope will be stronger and more meaningful than any discrimination and we will be able to lay down the floor for a different future where gay and lesbian people will be accepted by our churches.
Vigils and Sunday services of prayer will be organized in Italy thanks to the support of Progetto Gionata -the Italian project on faith and homosexuality- and in Europe thanks to the European Forum of LGBT Christian Groups.

The verse celebrating the moments of prayer and remembrance will be St.Paul’s exhortation “Accept one another just as Christ has accepted you” (Romans, 15:7), chosen by believers worldwide in an online public poll.

If you would like to receive more information and you are thinking of organizing an event for IDAHOT please check on our website inveglia.wordpress.com or send an e-mail to gionatanews@gmail.com

Prayer vigils in remembrance of victims of homophobia will be held in Italy with the support of Gionata, the Italian Project on Faith and Homosexuality, and in Europe with the support of the European Forum of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Christian Groups.


La Vigilia por las víctimas de la homofobia. Una elección de solidaridad más allá del miedo

Reflexiones de Gianni Geraci, del grupo del Guado de Milán (Italia)

Cuando, en 2007, el grupo Kairos de Florencia (Italia) propuso la idea de organizar una vigilia de oración por las víctimas de la homofobia, acepté la propuesta con entusiasmo.
De hecho, me parecía que, por primera vez después de tanto tiempo, los grupos de cristianos homosexuales tendrían la posibilidad de hacer realidad sus deseos de testimoniar una relación diferente entre experiencia de fe y condición homosexual, de un modo apropiado y original. Continua a leggere


A Mother and Father’s Reflections on Homophobia

An Open Letter by Nella and David Buttitta (Florence, Italy)

To mark the first Prayer Vigil for victims of homophobia held in Italy on June 28, 2007, a young Florentine couple wrote an open letter reflecting on homophobia as Christian parents. These are their words.
Dear Sisters and Brothers, As some of you know, we planned our holidays before you proposed this important and special day.
As a “family” and as a traditional heterosexual couple with two small children, we consider this day and prayer vigil to be very meaningful. We believe it’s important for ourselves and for all others like us.
This prayer vigil makes us think about how much ‘radioactive’ homophobic waste there is in our minds, our culture and our behavior.

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